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29 Jan

Sometimes, if I’m being really honest with myself, I realize that I’m just a normal person. Average. Ordinary. And this makes me worried. I don’t want to be ordinary. I want to be extraordinary. I want to change the world, leave my mark, not just be another person that dies having lead a life unworthy of remembering. Even when I’m dead, I want people to remember my name. I want to be famous. I like to think that I was born to be someone. But sometimes, if I’m being really honest with myself, I realize that I’m just a normal person…




School of Doom

28 Jan

Pencils in hand,

We sit at our desks

Crouched over papers

Painstaking work.


Boredom hangs in the air

As a frustrated teacher tries to teach

Groans erupt when she walks down the rows,

Handing out the test to our doom.


Here we must ponder

Is our life dependent on this?

Does memorizing Science definitions help us succeed,

And lead us to the meaning of our existence?


Perhaps we need to reconsider

Rather than teach formulas for math,

Instead teach us how to get along

And make the world a livable place.



The Weekend…

25 Jan

It’s Friday. Which means that tomorrow’s Saturday. And the day after that is Sunday. A.K.A. It’s the weekend. Now, I know most people look forwards to the weekend since Monday of every week and are very excited when it finally arrives. You can go out with friends, go out on dates, go shopping, get drunk, etc. (Not necessarily in that order.) I get it. But ever since I was a little kid, like 5 years old, I’ve always dreaded the weekend. Why? Well, for starters, the weekend always meant that once it was over, it would be Monday again- another 5 days of school. This torturous cycle goes on forever.

Then, there’s the fact that weekends are for catching up on homework, projects and studying that you’ve put off all week. Also known as every assignment, test, project and piece of homework that was assigned throughout a 5-day period. The weekend is when you have to complete all of it. And as you can probably guess, there’s a LOT. Plus, being the super busy kid that I was (and still am), my weekends were filled with extra classes and lessons. Piano lessons, extra math class, badminton, drawing lessons, soccer, basketball, ballet, etc…

I think the biggest reason that I hated the weekends (and still do) is because of piano lessons. It’s not that I didn’t like going to piano lessons. It was just that I was scared. Throughout the entire week, not only putting of projects and tests, I’d put off practicing the piano. Then, when Sunday would come, naturally, I’d be horrible at playing whatever pieces I was supposed to practice during the week. On top of that, my piano teacher isn’t one that you can call the nicest. He was very blunt. And had very little patience.

As for my favourite day of the week, I don’t know. I’m leaning towards either Tuesday or Wednesday.



Cooking: My Dad’s Interpretation

24 Jan


  • Tomato sauce (Ragu will also do)
  • Vegetables or other food that you want to cook (Anything will do, really)


  1. Prepare the vegetables or other food so that it is ready to be cooked.
  2. Open a new jar of tomato sauce. Proceed to dump the contents of the entire jar onto the food. Entire jar means entire jar- no cheating.
  3. Stir so that tomato sauce is evenly dispersed.
  4. Cook the food.
  5. Serve and enjoy.


In addition to the vegetables, take a package of spaghetti or noodles (any variety will do). Prepare them as you usually would. When cooking, pour another jar of tomato sauce onto the spaghetti. Serve with vegetables (see above).




23 Jan

What is life but the memories of the past?

When those memories are blown away, like words written in the sand, do we cease to exist?



School Storm

23 Jan

I look at the board

Through tired, sleepy eyes

Boredom courses in my veins

My mind is already a thousand miles away.


I’m running through a wide open field

Cold, harsh wind against my cheeks

My hair blowing behind me

Like ripples on a lake.


The faint sound of thunder is heard

As a storm looms ahead

Threatening to ruin the perfection

Just like the test in the afternoon.



Dead Miracle

23 Jan

He sat there in total silence,

Lost in his own world

He blocked out the proof around him,

Not wanting to be hurt


Staring out the window,

Wishing for things to be better

Dreaming about things he’d never do,

And lives he’d never live


The nurse came in with the needle,

And he couldn’t help but sigh

He prayed that the doctors would save him,

So he’d live past twenty-five


This was his life,

Since the day he turned two

That was the day he got sick,

And he’s never gotten better


He knew it was killing him,

He knew his days were numbered

But he couldn’t stop hoping for a miracle,

And a dream he never got.



Will you love me?

22 Jan

Will you love me,

If I told you

That I’m broken inside?

Will you love me,

If I showed you

How ugly I am?

Will you love me,

If I gave you

The biggest surprise of your life?

I’m not perfect.



What do you do?

22 Jan

What do you do,

When your world’s falling apart?

What do you do,

When no one’s there for you?



New blog

22 Jan

New blog. After ditching (sort of) the last one a few months ago. This time, I’m not going to promote this blog to friends. So, if you’re reading this, I guess you stumbled upon this blog. But otherwise, I’m going to assume that I’m talking to no one- a place where I can write my thoughts without being judged, express my opinions and whatnot. A diary of a sort, if you will. If anything that I write offends you, please know that I’m sorry. These are just my thoughts and opinions.