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12 Jul

Everything is silent below a dark clear sky

And the wind slowly passes like a tickle of a feather,

The dusk is ignored as the world passes by –

It is the forgotten friend that offers its shoulder

While we weep in its embrace,

So often overlooked and taken for granted

That no one sees the beauty of its cloak.





6 Apr

It’s a funny thing ain’t it,

To long for something that’s no longer there,

No way to return nor get it back,

Yet that longing still remains.

Like a veil over our eyes

That is ignored but never overlooked,

It stays like a throbbing pain,

Blurring our focus,

Our vision,

Our path.

Longing for what we can never have,

For it is the past that we cannot touch,

Once passed, never to return,

Yet that longing surrounds us.

We reach but can no longer feel

As our hands pass through time,

While our present goes by before our eyes,

But it is not seen, only to be saw.

Out of grasp but we do not notice,

Hoping for a miracle to save us,

Revive us,

Resurrect us.

While we are alive but not living,

Memories are the safe haven

And the doom to our existence,

Yet that longing is in our core.

It takes over and we cease to exist,

Becoming who we wish not to be,

We cannot stop as it invades

Our being and our soul,

For it is the devil disguised as the good,

And without looking back we fall,

We tumble,

We collapse.

We think it will save us,

Times that were simple

We long to go back,

And the tea is bittersweet.

We are hooked to the drug,

Never stop reaching – it is all we know,

It overpowers and destroys what we once were,

That longing is who we are.



The Sweetest Things In Life

4 Feb

The sweetest things in life are the most simple. They are the ones you never think twice about. The ones that you take for granted. Yet, when they’re taken away, it hurts the most. The smell of wet cement after a storm. The smile of a newborn baby. The chirp of a bird in the spring.

These things are so simple that most people don’t even realize the miracle that they’ve witnessed. These moments can never be replaced. Each one is unique. It’s like a sunset at the beach. Everything just feels right. You can’t explain it, yet, you know it’s true. It defies all logic and it can’t be denied. The feeling of sand between your toes, leaving a tiny tickle. The gentle breeze is just enough so that you feel it, but not enough that you need a sweater. The tide rises, and you just stand there and let the water wash up to your ankles. You watch the water, the sun’s reflection is there. A perfect shade of yellow, orange, red, pink and purple. Stand there for a moment, then run off to wherever life may take you next.

Most of us are too busy to take the time to call up an old friend for no reason other than to chat for old time’s sake. Or even to say ‘hello’ to a colleague in the hallway. The city is busy, and it never sleeps. There’s work to be done, assignments to be completed… It really isn’t our fault! But when we ignore it and brush it off with an excuse, that’s when we are to blame. When that happens, just take a deep breath, watch a young girl run around the playground, sheer delight on her face, maybe even listen to a CD that you’ve long since forgotten about, and just relax. Don’t think. Let the memories wash over you. And go ahead, belt out the lyrics to that song from years back. After all, no one’s judging you.

A clear, blue sky; a baby that takes its first step; the first signs of spring after a long, dark winter; hot chocolate after a snowball fight. These are all miracles that can never be replaced. They can be remembered and cherished, but they are almost always forgotten. Will you take the time to enjoy life or watch it pass you by? It’s your choice. But choose wisely, you only get one chance.




29 Jan

Sometimes, if I’m being really honest with myself, I realize that I’m just a normal person. Average. Ordinary. And this makes me worried. I don’t want to be ordinary. I want to be extraordinary. I want to change the world, leave my mark, not just be another person that dies having lead a life unworthy of remembering. Even when I’m dead, I want people to remember my name. I want to be famous. I like to think that I was born to be someone. But sometimes, if I’m being really honest with myself, I realize that I’m just a normal person…



School of Doom

28 Jan

Pencils in hand,

We sit at our desks

Crouched over papers

Painstaking work.


Boredom hangs in the air

As a frustrated teacher tries to teach

Groans erupt when she walks down the rows,

Handing out the test to our doom.


Here we must ponder

Is our life dependent on this?

Does memorizing Science definitions help us succeed,

And lead us to the meaning of our existence?


Perhaps we need to reconsider

Rather than teach formulas for math,

Instead teach us how to get along

And make the world a livable place.




23 Jan

What is life but the memories of the past?

When those memories are blown away, like words written in the sand, do we cease to exist?