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School Storm

23 Jan

I look at the board

Through tired, sleepy eyes

Boredom courses in my veins

My mind is already a thousand miles away.


I’m running through a wide open field

Cold, harsh wind against my cheeks

My hair blowing behind me

Like ripples on a lake.


The faint sound of thunder is heard

As a storm looms ahead

Threatening to ruin the perfection

Just like the test in the afternoon.




Dead Miracle

23 Jan

He sat there in total silence,

Lost in his own world

He blocked out the proof around him,

Not wanting to be hurt


Staring out the window,

Wishing for things to be better

Dreaming about things he’d never do,

And lives he’d never live


The nurse came in with the needle,

And he couldn’t help but sigh

He prayed that the doctors would save him,

So he’d live past twenty-five


This was his life,

Since the day he turned two

That was the day he got sick,

And he’s never gotten better


He knew it was killing him,

He knew his days were numbered

But he couldn’t stop hoping for a miracle,

And a dream he never got.



New blog

22 Jan

New blog. After ditching (sort of) the last one a few months ago. This time, I’m not going to promote this blog to friends. So, if you’re reading this, I guess you stumbled upon this blog. But otherwise, I’m going to assume that I’m talking to no one- a place where I can write my thoughts without being judged, express my opinions and whatnot. A diary of a sort, if you will. If anything that I write offends you, please know that I’m sorry. These are just my thoughts and opinions.